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Welcome to I-Tech Care, your premier destination for top-quality technology solutions. Situated at 139 Trafalgar Road in Greenwich, London, our expertise  in the sells ,repair and exchange of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.We provide training for Tech Repair  Enthusiasts. At I-Tech Care, we are committed to excellence in every aspect of our services. Our team ensures that your devices are not just repaired but revitalized, contributing to a sustainable tech life by reducing the carbon footprint.We purchase phones in any condition and uphold the highest standards in our repairs, all backed by a solid 6-month fitting warranty.

Choose I-Tech Care for a greener and more responsible approach to modern technology.

Visit our shop at 139 Trafalgar Road, SE109TX, Greenwich, London and experience the I-Tech Care difference.

Revive your old devices sustainably with I-Tech Care – where quality meets responsibility.

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  • I-Tech Care repaired my phone quickly and the quality of their work was exceptional. Highly recommended!

  • I-Tech Care is a trusted repair shop located in Greenwich providing top-notch repair services for mobile devices and selling high-quality disposable vapes.

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